About Us

Have you ever taken decisions in your life to change your belief systems you never thought you would?

Well this one rare incident took place on April 5th 2020 with Deep, while watching the Netflix documentary "The Game Changers".

While lockdown period was a setback for many, it posed as an eye opener for Deep and realising the importance of veganism he started his YouTube channel - Vegan Athlete to bust the myths that a fit and healthy lifestyle requires the dependence on dairy, eggs and meat.

His conviction grew stronger with time and he started curating dips and spreads at home with his mother, Ritu. In an attempt to spread the message to the masses his passion met an opportunity leading to the foundation of VECLAN

Very soon the mother-son duo realised the X factor to be missing if they wanted to succeed to motivate people and veganise Indian households - it was the absence of CHEESE.

The thought of giving up cheese to adopt a vegan lifestyle is very difficult and won't last long enough to create a sustainable change.

To overcome this hurdle, Veclan launched cheese shreds stimulating taste buds at par with respect to dairy cheese and bagged the title of "Best Vegan Cheese 2022" by PETA INDIA.

With this Veclan aims to encourage people to switch to plant-based living without sacrificing their love for cheese along with better health. You just need to skip the DAIRY, not the CHEESE.

Veclan's purpose - "BE THE DIFFERENCE" conveys the message that our small acts of kindness can impact other's lives in a huge way.

They truly believe - Veganism is the need of the hour and a solution to combat many of our health and environmental problems.

Let's BE THE DIFFERENCE together!