Vegan diet


The rise of veganism is progressing rapidly in India but there are still some factors that hinders its acceleration.

Here are 3 major factors:

1) People think being Vegan is a western concept or modern fad diet.

 Vegan revolution was kickstarted in India long ago by preaching of ancient concept "Ahimsa" (non- violence) which was put forth by Mahatma Gandhi and many practitioners of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

 This might have not helped India turn vegan but at least influenced to make India the largest population of vegetarians in the world as opposed to the western diet which consists of 80% meat and dairy.

2) India's blindfold obsession with Dairy

India is one of the sole countries which enjoys a wide variety of cuisines due to its cultural diversity, but the nation is still bound by dairy.

Milk has become so ingrained in the Indian culture and their palate that they cannot see past the reality.

In a typical Indian household, every meal from breakfast to dinner has some sort of dairy product always added.


This is a result of multibillion-dollar marketing campaigns conducted by the Indian government over a period of 50 years to forcefully promote dairy and its false health benefits.

3) Affordability and Availability

We often hear people saying that a vegan lifestyle is for the elite class and not pocket friendly.

Pricing is a big pain point for the vegan brands.

Simply because they are not subsidized by the government and are highly taxed.

But about 80% of daily diet consists of regular staple food whereas the rest 20% makes up milk, butter, curd and cheese.

And as the demand increases to balance the supply these vegan products will be also be affordable in near future.

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